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Absolutely! As you can see we designed a elongated mask to cover your neck. (yes it does look a little funny but it's worth it!)

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We always recommend that you consult with your physician or other qualified health care professional before using LED products or if you are seeking medical advice. 

Anyone who is potentially sensitive to light should take caution before using LED products. For example, women who are pregnant, people with epilepsy, or people who are taking certain medications such as tetracycline, steroids, or cortisone injections (which may cause light sensitivity) should not use LED products, and must consult with their physician or healthcare provider. 

Studies have shown that its completely safe for BIPOC. Check this video by Dr. Alexis Stevens.

We have a presence in both the UK and the US. However we have warehouses spread throughout such as in the US, Europe, and Asia for distribution speed reasons.

First make sure your Cleopatra Light Therapy Mask is charged. Once fully charged you can remove any makeup and cleanse your face.

Once you've done that you can simply flip the safety power switch on, then tap in the middle of the mask to power on (use your entire palm if you have difficulty).

Then switch to your desired color (right side above the eye if looking at it).

In addition to this you can also select an intensity level. Refer to our manual that you physically receive.

Please reach out to our team and we'd be happy to assist.

The Cleopatra Mask is exclusively sold through or approved clinics, salons, and spas with a strict MSRP. There are no other authorized online sites. Just like how our app store and play store and QR code links will take you back to our site here. You will also findPresslinks only taking you back to us.

The Cleopatra has 192 LEDS


Blue: 415nm 

Green: 525nm 

Cyan: 490nm 

Yellow: 590nm 

Purple: Red & Blue 

White: 400 – 700 nm (White cannot be assigned to a single wavelength as it is composed of wavelengths of different colors.)

Irradiance/Power Density:32mW/cm²

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Yes! The Cleopatra is dual voltage which means it can be used worldwide without any issues.

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